Family Law

April 9, 2015 Services

Family law has been and continues to be a focus area at MacDonald & Black, PC. Divorce, division of parenting time (custody), child support / alimony enforcement as well as enforcement of prior family court orders requires a knowledgeable and experienced approach both in and outside of the courtroom.

Often times the tone and progress of a family law matter can be as much dictated by the attorneys involved as by the actual litigants. That is why it is key to ensure that your attorney is dedicated to getting you the best and most equitable outcome as soon as possible while working hard to lower animosity, not encourage it.

If your family law matter involves children, MacDonald & Black, PC is committed to guiding you through what is often a challenging system and working to lessen the impact on your children. We strive to always make the best interests of the children involved a top priority.

With ten years of experience in Family courts throughout the region, we are ready to provide you solid legal advice and representation. We are strong proponents of mediation when appropriate and the majority of our cases settle outside of the courtroom.

Domestic violence and protective order representation is also provided on a selective basis.

We look forward to providing you with a free initial consultation.